Fabric or Vinyl Re-upholstery

Whether your furnitures are stained, damaged or you just want to have a new look, you don't have to throw your furniture away. Your fabric-covered furniture can be restructure, re-web, replacement with new durable foam and then recovering with good quality material.

Price isn't everything: -

Others factors to consider are: quality of workmanship, choice of colors / textures, purpose of use and durability.

Our guarantee of workmanship is 24 months

Guarantee is material is between 2 - 5 years, depend on the type of material. all our materials will NOT peel, fade or dis-colour, crack, easy damaging, weak backing or stitching undone.

We have a combine of over 2000 colors / textures to choice from. It is NOT ONLY perfectly suitable for dosmetic use, but also suitable for commercial purposes; such as outdoor living, hospitals, hospitality industries, vintage / mid-century looks or schools etc.

Fabric or Vinyl Cleaning

Is your fabric lounge or sofa looking dull? Has it been soiled? We provide professional fabric. Our mobile technicians can visit your home or office for professional cleaning / sanitising plus fabric protection treatment services if required -  throughout the Perth metropolitan area.