Complete Leather Care WA specialises in upholstery services in Perth.

Our highly skilled upholstery specialists have extensive experiences in the repair of furniture.

1. What should I do if I spill wine, liquids or food onto my leather lounge?

  • Blot up as best as possible. Use a damp white towel to gently clean. If the stain remains do not rub too hard. Call our office and we will advise.

2. Can sweat hurt my leather lounge?

  • Yes, it can! Try to avoid excessive exposure to sweat.

3. What do I do if I have an ink stain on my leather?

  • Do nothing! Call us for advice during office hours. Ink generally will become like a tattoo. No rubbing will remove it unless it also removes the protectant topcoat seal.

4. What can I do about dye transfer?

  • A light wipe with a damp white towel may help, but generally it is the same as an ink stain.

5. How often should I clean my leather?

  • Each fortnight, a light wipe with a damp white towel will help keep it clean. Complete Leather Care WA offers a periodic service where we come to your home and clean and condition your lounge using a natural commercial cleaner and then condition using a commercial grade conditioner.

6. Can hairspray, methylated spirits, turps, detergent, soap, baby wipes or household cleaners be used on leather?

  • Not without causing some damage to your leather.

7. Can you fix handbags or apply protectants?

  • Yes, we can. Call us for advice during office hours.

8. How often should I condition my leather?

  • Generally, every three months, but if your lounge is subject to high UV or heat or even air conditioning, more often will not hurt. Complete Leather Care WA offers a periodic conditioning-only service.

9. Can my leather lounge, leather recliner, leather dining, or leather bedroom furniture be repaired?

  • Yes. Complete Leather Care WA is Perth’s leather repair specialist. From holes, cuts, and scratches to seam repair, fading, and pet damage, we have the experience to handle all types of leather and fabric repairs, including insurance claims. We also provide a convenient mobile service for in-home repairs.

10. Can you fix pet scratches on my leather?

  • Yes. We fix and mend holes, tears, cuts, stains, scratches, burns, fading, loose seams, and lots more.

11. Can I change the colour of my leather lounge?

  • Yes. We can change the colour of your leather lounge, dining chairs, bed head, car seats, or any leather item. Choose from a huge selection of colours to give your leather items a completely new look.

12. Can I change my fabric furniture into leather furniture?

  • Yes. Complete Leather Care WA specialises in fabric to leather and leather to fabric transformations.